What kind of lighting is right for your kitchen?

We know very well how important it is to have good lighting in the kitchen. Not only because it is necessary to carry out all the tasks that we perform every day, but also to give individuality, functionality and design. Some beautiful furniture can go completely unnoticed if we don’t know how to light the kitchen. Read more “What kind of lighting is right for your kitchen?”

6 Tips for Garage Lighting

A garage for a man is more than just an auxiliary room. Few people think that the garage belongs to the premises with a high fire hazard. In this regard, both the lamps themselves and the place of their installation put forward special requirements.

In this article, you will find 6 tips for organizing garage lighting, decide which lamps are best for this purpose and why, and also learn a couple of easy ways to organize emergency stand-alone lighting. Read more “6 Tips for Garage Lighting”

Understanding the Blue Wire on a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are very useful and very easy to install. They come with wiring that has been made very convenient for you because the wiring for ceiling fans is included in most of the ceiling fan kits that are being sold today.

This means that if you buy a ceiling fan from a particular company, you will be able to find all the necessary wiring that is needed to install it. A ceiling fan has a lot of wires to deal with as well as a few pieces of hardware like the fan controller and the wire harness that connect to it. Read more “Understanding the Blue Wire on a Ceiling Fan”